At Talk To Me Clinic, we use Progressive Kinesiology as it is the only branch practised which takes the holistic approach to healing and incorporates all areas equally using emotional, nutritional, physical and energetic techniques to balance and support clients. 


A gentle healing experience using muscle testing to determine imbalances and priority supports for the body.


One hour sessions are $107 and half hour sessions for $67 are available for children 12yrs an under


Skype sessions via surrogate available. (further information in FAQs)


Energy Healing & Readings

At Talk To Me Clinic, we offer a variety of different healing options.  Amber has learnt many energy modalities since 2010 including Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes, Ashati Attunements, Angel Intuitive Healings and Intuitive Energetic Healings.


Amber is also an empath who can tune in to your energy/aura field and provide guidance that the universe and your soul are wanting you to know.


One hour healing sessions are $107, 45min readings are $87


Skype and email sessions available


There are over 3,000 Homoeopathic remedies to choose from, and Talk To Me Clinic has an extensive range covering the most common ailments and issues.


The biggest success, however, has been the branch into personalised remedies where drops are created from client samples and tailored specifically for the individual client.


Health history taken and remedies determined for client.

Kinesiology muscle testing used to ensure only priority remedies are given to the body


Skype sessions available.