What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic approach to healing derived from chiropractic and Chinese Medicine techniques. A light pressure is applied to a muscle in a test position and the result of that test guides a Kinesiologist to the answers your body is searching for to heal.

A treatment session is most often performed with the client lying on a massage table, but can be performed with them sitting in a chair, or even standing.

You can find out more about Kinesiology by clicking on the picture below.


What can Kinesiology help with?

We offer balances that cover a variety of ailments and dis-ease, although we do not diagnose diseases, nor treat diagnosed diseases - instead we offer support to the body to help balance it.

We offer treatments to clients who may have:

* hormonal issues, including fertility

* stress

* back pain

* old & existing injuries

* addictions

* chakra balances and aura cleansing

* intense emotions including anger, anxiety and depression


What should I wear?

Comfortable, loose clothing is best for session (also known as a balance).  Shorts or trousers are preferred as some techniques require the lifting and testing of legs.


What if I have injured myself, can I still have Kinesiology? 

So long as the injuries are not life-threatening, absolutely.  

We could simply use a different muscle to test away from the injured or sore limb or area.

And if that's not an option, we can use surrogate testing where the Kinesiologist would use another body in your place to test, you would still need to be present.


I'm pregnant, can I still have Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is a gentle and safe practice that can be used on anyone who chooses.  There are some techniques we do not use on pregnant ladies, and those will be discussed at your appointment.


How does a Skype session work?

We use Skype to work with a lot of our interstate and international clients.

For Kinesiology balances, we simply request a small hair sample to be sent prior to the session.  That way we can use a surrogate patient and use the hair sample as a vibrational witness and still perform a powerful healing session.  

For Energy healings, distant healing has proven to be just as powerful and effective and Skype allows the visual connection before we begin.


Do I have to undress for a session?


Kinesiology is not a massage, although some techniques do treat you to some massage points. You remain fully clothed at all times, and it is advisable to dress in shorts or trousers to ensure modesty is protected should a leg muscle be required for a test.


How many sessions do I need?

"It only takes one session to perform a miracle if you are open to it"
And a lot of our clients have experienced drastic improvements after just one session.

Of course the number of sessions is completely up to you, and we would encourage you to see how you feel after your first session and return if  YOU feel you require another treatment.


What can Homoeopathy help with?

Homoeopathy can assist with both physical and emotional ailments, often treating both even though only one area has symptoms.  Homoeopathy is very gentle on the body and all natural.


What are personalised Homoeopathy remedies?

This is where samples are taken from the unwell patient and a remedy is created to help ease/clear symptoms.


How much is a session?

Kinesiology: $107 for hour session, $67 for half hour session

Homoeopathy: Student Rates  - enquire upon booking

Energy Healing: $107 for hour session, $67 for half hour session  


Flower essences and Homoeopathic remedies:  $17 per 30ml bottle (unlimited remedies or essences per bottle)